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What the 5 Show : a colourful launch for the new Renault 5

Renault France has released the new 100% electric Renault 5!

After so many years, the iconic little car makes its comeback in fanfare, a real show has been imagined for the occasion.

French artist Cyril Lancelin, creates sculptures and immersive works, between contemporary art and street art, was invited by Renault to sublimate the "What the 5 Show."

We collaborated with Cyril to shape his project, about 100 inflatable in the shape of 5, mounted in 3 pyramids, in the style of the artist.

Our team put its know-how of realization in the workshop, assembly/ inflation in front of the center George Pompidou.

A real show, combining dance and music, illuminated by the historic colors of the Renault 5.


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